VEXA – Visitor Flow Management

COVID safety solutions

With the global COVID-19 pandemic reducing our movements and introducing us all to social distancing, it is important for us to be able to support our clients, once trade shows commence again, through this new way of exhibiting.

VEXA is our scalable software solution to help manage visitor numbers on exhibition stands, seminar rooms, theaters and other high footfall areas. Utilising digital signage to help stem the flow of visitors by simply and clearly letting them know when they are allowed to enter.

Clear messaging and visual representations instantly inform visitors of your current capacity. Once a visitor enters, they are counted and the screens are updated. Similarly, when a visitor leaves the number of visitors reduces. With custom brand messages, safety information and live expected waiting times, managing visitors is simple, safe and fits in with the exhibiting brand.

Multiple entrances and exits can be managed at the same time as the software will update each screen instantly over networks. An affordable and responsible way to manage visitor safety within your event.

We are also providing support to clients within retail and hospitality sectors. These businesses have the fortune of now being able to reopen, however this is with strict rules being implemented on the number of customers allowed within stores. Having clear digital signage display live information on the stores current capacity will give passers-by the reassurance that businesses are taking this situation seriously and value their custom within their property.

Our roots are from the heavily impacted events industry and focus on short term hire, so we are very used to operating on a week-by-week basis. We can quickly supply, deliver and install all screens, hardware and software required to keep businesses operating responsibly.

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