Roche – Donation Wall

AABB – San Diego, US

We were approached to help our client gather delegates details to enable them to donate $10 to their chosen charity during an event. They required that each user submit their details to ensure each submission was genuine, but also didn’t want to put visitors off with long data entry forms.

At events, most delegates credentials have already been captured when they signed up to attend the convention. With this is mind, we decided to by-pass the data entry side of this app and instead utilise these existing details that are held on the visitor’s badge barcode/QR code. We worked together with the badging company that was providing everyone’s passes and used their API to allow our app to access their backend (database) data.

Users would touch the screen to start and then be asked to scan their badge using a camera we had setup next to the screens. Once scanned, our networked app took less than 1 second to retrieve all relevant data from that visitor and store it in our own database ready for post-show analysis. A quick survey question was asked before a cell on the video animation was named after that visitor to show that they had donated. The more users, the busier the donation wall got!

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