National Grid – Scenario demo

LCNI – Telford, UK

National Grid were looking to launch their new ‘Power Potential’ scheme at an industry trade show. But needed an interactive way of explaining exactly what this new scheme involved and how it was to work.

It was all about collaboration. Several companies would work together to help use renewable energy when possible to power our homes and businesses. But with the demand on the grid so high at peak-times, extra energy from power stations but be put into the grid to help take the load.

By designing a clean & bright 3D map of the South-West UK, we were able to build an app that demonstrated several unique scenarios of when power should be added, or saved, from the grid. With interactive on-screen controls, users were able to make a guess as to what the correct option should be.

As this was all about collaboration with other providers, we created the same app for UKPN. However this version would demonstrate how their involvement in the scheme would help manage the renewable energy sources added to the grid.

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