GSK – Malaria Educational Game

NEC, Birmingham. UK

We were asked to come up with an engaging way of educating children (of varying ages) on the World Health facts about Malaria. The app was to be taken on a roadshow to many GSK sites before being launched at The Big Bang Fair at the NEC.

One clear way we believed we could help educate whilst also be attractive and engaging for kids, was to create a Malaria based quiz game. 10 questions were selected by random from a list of 50, that would then test the user’s knowledge. Each question had 10 seconds to be answered. But to make it competitive and engaging, we decided to have the answers displayed as a Mosquito’s that would fly around the screen meaning users not only had to work out the correct answer, but they also had to swat the correct mozzie out of the air! Players controlled the game using a Nintendo Wii remote that we incorporated into our application.

It was fun, educational and certainly drew a crowd as the game had over 500 engagements over 4 days!

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