Request Shed™ Connect is launched!

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And…We’re live!

Request Shed™ Connect has officially launched this month and has certainly hit the ground running!

Our latest addition to the Request Shed family will now allow exhibitors to showcase their products and services by giving visitors access to video content, brochures, sales literature and product images. Valuable customer information and insight is captured along the way with custom surveys and lead capture forms. Our fully custom branded platform is designed to be used by even the least tech savvy of visitors with an easy to navigate and clear user flow. Much like picking up brochures on an exhibition stand, or watching the promotional video playing on the back wall of the booth, our platform aims to replicate this in a digital way.

We are seeing key investors and organisers finally make some decisions about how they are planning to run their next/future events. Our client’s requirements have changed in the last few months and now they would like to take their exhibiting experience online.

Social distancing is here to stay

It would appear that social distancing is here to stay for at least the foreseeable future, and this will no doubt bring significant changes to the way exhibitions and events are held. Changes will be made across all areas from visitor management, show floor layouts, stand design and to the experience’s brands can offer to potential customers. Sales meetings will stay be a key feature for many exhibitors, but capacity and appointments will be limited. This too goes for seminars, talks, product demos and general visitor engagement.

So for these reasons, many are deciding to opt for the digital approach to exhibiting. Virtual events are nothing new and have been around for a long time now. But our target audience may not be fully up to speed. We are no longer looking to engage a select few visitors that are customed to the digital world or physically unable to make the event. We are now targeting EVERYONE that is attending.

Time to be logical

Now, without trying to state the obvious here, we all behave differently when in front of a computer screen. If I’m shopping for a new jacket online, I don’t need to navigate my way around a virtual version of a retail shop. That would be tedious and I would no doubt, get impatient with not being able to instantly find exactly what I want (I’m not the most patient of shoppers at the best of times!) Categories are laid out for us to easily navigate to find and view exactly what we want. Individual products from the range are close by if I wish to view them as well. Buying the jacket is as simple as adding it to my virtual basket. And this is the same approach we took when designing the Connect app.

By creating this new way of engaging audiences, we hope to help companies educate visitors regarding their products and services, whilst not having to physically be present on their exhibition stand. All requests are captured providing our clients with valuable lead information and a rich source of data for post event follow up.

You can see more on our Request Shed™ website by following this link: and keep up to date by following us on Twitter @RequestShedApp and Instagram @requestshed

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