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We are a team of industry professionals that produce bespoke applications and digital content for exhibitions and events worldwide. Working closely with marketing and design teams to help companies digitally engage, capture and monetise from their events.


Creative Team

Our team of developers work with the latest tech to create engaging and interactive concepts.

Custom Design

No two projects are ever the same. What works for some, may not always work for you.

Targeted Approach

Get direct and relevant results from your digital content.

Great Support

We'll be with you every step of the way offering remote and on-site support.

Understanding the difference between concept and reality

Bespoke Digital content

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What we do

Engaging delegates and visitors has never been more important and let's face it, a few stale biscuits and a free pen just doesn't cut it nowadays! With technology growing at its fastest ever rate, audiences don't want to just see or hear about your newest release, they want to experience it!


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The Digital Agency that
lives and breathes events

Having worked across the exhibition, conference and events industry for many years, we know only too well what makes great content! And more importantly, what does not!

Touch, feel, see, hear....experience!


Clients no longer want to read through a hefty bag of literature after the show. They want to experience your latest products or services first hand! Going 'interactive' lets users engage and emurse themselves fully into your brand.

What am I trying to do here?


It sounds daft, but you really need to have an end goal. An objective. Why are you exhibiting? What do you want to get out of it? What does your audience want to get out of it? Simple questions, but essential to ensuring you get the most from your interactive content.

The results are in....


Data capture is one of the most important aspects of exhibiting and surprisingly, the most overlooked! Make your content work for you. Get essential leads and find which areas were of most relavence or interest.

Our developers work closely with you to ensure design and functionality is exactly as required. Expert advice will help plan everything from hardware to shipping and finally to installation.

Creating content that is over complicated and packed to the rafters with useless functions that no one will ever need or use is not our bag! As they say, less is often more. Content needs to flow seamlessly and users need to know exactly where they want to go next. Navigation is key! Keep it simple, keep them interested.

"Needs to run on Windows" or "needs to be available on iOS and Android" are sentences that we hear quite a bit of! So luckily, our developers speak all manners of programming languages and will ensure you are up and running on whatever platforms you need.

We will always send our experienced technicians out to exhibitions globally, if required, and will ensure that the install, training and running of your interactive systems are as smooth as possible.


Here are just a few of our previous projects. Feel free to have a nose!

What are we up to?

We try to bring you updates on what we're up to and all things #eventtech from across the industry.

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We love to hear from both new clients and people we already work with! Feel free to drop us a line.

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